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Keys to Microcredits with ASNEF

Perhaps you have heard that you can ask for microcredits with ASNEF, that is, with the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. Although this organization is best known for managing the database of defaulters in the country, its role is also to grant certain credits, especially consumer loans.

The ASNEF is formed by all types of entities ranging from financial companies, telecommunications, publishers, public administrations or insurers. Established in the 50s, its delinquent file is checked by its associates before granting any loan, to the point that they do not usually grant it if the client is in them.


How micro-credits are with ASNEF

How micro-credits are with ASNEF

As we say, there is a product that you can order even if you are in the register of defaulters, and it is the microcredit with ASNEF. If you have an economic problem or some urgency and you owe money, the last thing that will happen to you is that some entity can lend you the amount you need, so, surely, the first thing you can think about is going to a lender or asking at companies in the sector that give quick loans. You will be surprised to know that requesting microcredits with this association is as simple as doing a small procedure via Internet (with little paperwork), asking for up to 600 euros and returning them in convenient terms.

These are its main characteristics:

They are very fast


Normally, people who come to this type of financial product are in a hurry to get the money, so it would not make sense to take long procedures. So the microcredits are characterized by being granted quickly, after a short online process that takes a few simple steps.

The companies themselves have thought thoroughly about the “newbies”, so the web where you go to ask for the money will give you the precise instructions to perform the operation.


You do not need a payroll

They are very fast

One of the reasons that favors this speed in the concession is, precisely, that they are hardly demanding in terms of the requirements of the client. This opens even more the range of people who can apply for microcredit with ASNEF, since they do not have to show recurrent income, and they need the money immediately.

Even if you have to return the money, this solution can give you an amount that helps you get ahead in an unexpected hurry or when you need capital to buy a gift or even give yourself a treat.

As a general rule, no bank will grant you any loan unless you have guarantors or a payroll to support the operation. However, we must bear in mind that the microcredit platforms are going to make sure that you will return the money within the established period, which is usually about 30 days, and with the interest that they have imposed on you.

Make sure that you can commit to returning the money within the established period because it is also a trust exercise, and if you betray it you will be closing a very interesting and flexible funding source.


Differences between credit, microcredit and loan

Differences between credit, microcredit and loan

In certain circumstances we will have to ask ourselves if what we need is a microcredit or another banking product. These are the main differences of the most common that you can find in the market:



It is a financial operation in which a fixed amount of money is delivered. The borrower or the person who receives the money must return it along with the interest in the term that they have imposed. Normally, this refund is made through monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments. That is to say, that the operation has a specific date of duration, while the interests that are paid are on the totality of the money.


It is also a delivery of money with the main difference that, in the case of loans, the customer is not given the full amount at the beginning, but is “rationalized” through a credit card or a credit card. current account.

The way to work is that the entity that offers the credit makes deliveries regularly, as agreed before with the client. With respect to the interests, these are put on the borrowed money but they usually carry a small commission on the unused balance. As the money goes back, the entity will continue to put more, whenever the customer needs it.

Since in many occasions we speak of important amounts, the requirements to be able to choose a loan or a loan are quite demanding. That is why, years ago, the figure of microcredits emerged, so that people who needed urgent economic help could access it without much paperwork.




Initially, this modality arose so that small and medium-sized companies could have easy and fast access to financing, so that they could continue with their businesses without interruptions of an economic nature. Without this figure, it would be very difficult for them to continue with their daily work, since they would need longer terms to get money.

Although as we have seen throughout this article, the microcredits with ASNEF are also worth at a personal level, the truth is that they are very linked to business. In fact, the amortization of capital usually varies depending on the project to which it is allocated, so it may take more or less time.

Since when you start or take an innovative product to market the risk of failure is very high, some entities give customers grace periods or even allow the partial return of money. This is an advantage for the client who can hire this type of products with less fear of getting into debt.

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