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How does vehicle insurance help me when I drink alcohol?

The insurance of your car is not only important when you have an accident or a tire is punctured, but there are a thousand and one situations in which it offers you a solution and you would appreciate having hired it. An example of this is when you consume alcohol.

If you went out somewhere and, despite the recommendations not to consume alcoholic beverages when you have taken your car, you decide to have a few drinks, you should know that the solution is not to drive and risk your life and that of others. Insurers are aware of this situation and many of them have implemented the option of “replacement driver”.

What does it consist of?

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If you are not able to drive, your insurer offers you the option of requesting a driver who will go to where you are, drive your car to the destination you request and then retire.

What are the conditions of this benefit?

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– Normally, you can request this service a certain number of times a month or a year, depending on the insurer. If you exceed these times, the service will have an additional cost.

– There are restrictions and limits as to the places where they can take you, so you better check the limits to make sure you will be covered.

– As for car models, replacement drivers are not usually applied when cars have polarized windows.

– The request is subject to the availability of subjects (there are “more requested” days than others) and also to the time in advance with which you make it (two hours are recommended).

Having this or other extra services, in addition to accident coverage, will depend on the insurer you choose, so that is one more reason to compare your options before requesting insurance: Not only do you save, but you can access this kind of extra benefits. To compare the different insurers, use web comparators such as Darren Xertidosas Loan.

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