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Home Savings Offer: Get Free Account Opportunity And Save Up To $ 25,000

One of the best ways to save money today is without a doubt, as the state provides 30 percent support, up to $ 25,000 a year, after you save your money. Saving your home is ideal for buying, building, renovating or upgrading your home, as you can save up to $ 7,600,000 in total savings and credit with your home savings.

Rushing to get a contract straight


However, there is a very significant handicap that prevents everyone from rushing to get a contract straight. This barrier is the account opening fee, which can be a problem for you too. Home savings banks charge a 1 percent fee based on the contract amount, which is $ 76,000 for a 10-year contract with a monthly savings of $ 200, which you have to put on the table when you open your account . In addition, if you open multiple accounts – as there are opportunities for close relatives so you can use more money for home purposes – the account opening fee will be multiplied.

However , there is a solution so you don’t have to leave a small fortune and we’ll show you what you need to do to keep tens of thousands of dollars in your wallet!

Avoid Home Savings Account Opening Fee: $ 60,000 Opening Promotion

Avoid Home Savings Account Opening Fee: $ 60,000 Opening Promotion


Fortunately, savings banks offer promotions from time to time when you open a discounted or completely free account, so you can save on the cost of opening an account.

The Good Finance Intermittent Home Savings Promotion is now helping you get a discount of up to $ 200. With our new promotion, not only will you be free to open a home savings account, but you will also receive a $ 40,000 free gift ! This is:

  • Good Finance is now giving you the full fee for opening an account in the form of an Elizabeth voucher , so we have made it virtually free ! The fee for opening an account is 20 000 HUF and you will receive it in the form of a voucher.
  • To celebrate a decent decision , we’re giving you a $ 40,000 wellness voucher to make your holiday this year even more awesome!

Interested in this summer’s best home savings deal? Read the details and contact us to start saving early in July!

What do you need to do to get your home savings discount?

What do you need to do to get your home savings discount?


In order to save on your Good Finance $ 60 discount, all you have to do is enter into a home savings contract with the following terms:

  • Choose Good Finance Home Savings from Good Finance, as Good Finance now only charges a monthly deposit to open an account.
  • Conclude a contract of at least 8 years to secure a long-term 30% government subsidy (which may be reduced soon)
  • Choose your regular $ 20,000 savings to get the maximum government support each year.
  • Remember! There are several vouchers for more contracts, and you can use the savings for a common purpose by linking additional home savings to a close relative.

The most important thing is to do all of these on time , as you will only be able to get your discount for a few days! You still have time to sign up for a $ 60 gift:

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